Workers compensation claims can be difficult and complex but need not be. There have been so many legislative changes over the years that it is difficult to keep up with the law so as to ensure that an injured worker receives their full entitlements to compensation. That’s why you need Brydens Lawyers. For over 40 years Brydens Lawyers have been the experts in the investigation and prosecution of claims on behalf of injured workers to ensure they receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.


Who can claim?

If you are injured at work, you may qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits. The injury must be a direct result of your employment, or happen in the course of your employment. In some cases, if you are a subcontractor or other “deemed” worker, you may also be eligible for a compensation claim.

A claim can also be made for an injury which occurs on the road where travelling forms part of your employment and there is a real and substantial connection between your work and the injury.
If you are unsure of whether you can claim, Brydens Lawyers is here to help, and our experienced Workers Compensation lawyers will be happy to advise on your situation.


What can be claimed?

If you are eligible to make a compensation claim, benefits may include:

  • Your reasonable medical expenses.
  • Payment of weekly compensation if you cannot work.
  • Lump sum benefits if you have suffered a whole person permanent impairment as a result of your injuries.
  • If the whole person impairment which results from the injury is at least 15% then a claim can be brought as against the employer if it can be established that the injury arose as a result of the employer’s breach of duty of care and negligence.


How do I claim?

When claiming for Workers’ Compensation benefits, both you and your employer have certain responsibilities. For example, for Workers’ Compensation claims, time frames are important and you must notify your insurer as soon as possible.

At Brydens Lawyers, our lawyers and staff are specialists in handling Workers’ Compensation claims, and are dedicated to ensuring the process is simple and clear for you.

What’s more, we will not charge you any fees in the prosecution of your Workers Compensation claim. We understand that in most cases, if you are an injured worker you will not be receiving your regular income and may be faced with additional bills for medical expenses. In a workers compensation claim we will make an application on your behalf to the WorkCover Independent Review Office for a grant of legal funding.  If the application is approved the WorkCover Independent Review Office will attend to payment of your legal costs and medical report fees.

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