There has been a significant increase in the popularity of cruise ships as a holiday option for Australians particularly over the last few years. Cruises are now available in Australian waters, the South Pacific, the Americas, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Regrettably, like all other aspects of our lives, accidents do happen. Cruise ships are no exception. It has been our experience in that there is always a cause. If an accident occurs on a cruise ship as a result of which you suffer injury then you may be entitled to bring a claim for damages.

Depending on where the cruise ship was at the time of the accident will determine the law that applies. If the accident occurred in international waters then Maritime Law applies. This can be a very complex and complicated area of law to apply so far as the claiming of compensation is concerned.

Also, many cruise ships will have within their travel documentation a disclaimer or waiver which will try and limit or negate the liability of the cruise ship operator for any injuries sustained during the course of the cruise.

Many travellers will also take out their own travel insurance. This is highly recommended. However, having insurance available does not prevent the injured person from bringing a claim in order to recover additional compensation. Ordinarily travel insurance will cover medical treatment expenses and loss of wages, if not wholly at least in part. A successful claim for compensation can recover for you not only out of pocket expenses but also compensation for your pain and suffering.

The general law still applies with respect to the making of a claim for compensation for an injury sustained on a cruise ship. That is, not all injuries are compensable. It is necessary to establish that the injury was caused or materially contributed to by the negligence on the part of the cruise ship operator in that they had breached their duty of care. If this negligence can be established then compensation may be recovered for the injuries sustained.

Brydens Lawyers can assist with the bringing of a claim for compensation for any injury sustained on a cruise ship. Strict time limits apply to the making of these claims so do not delay.

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