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Question of the Week – Compensation from a Cosmetic Clinic

Pakjira asks:

I would like to know my rights about compensation for severe burns following laser treatment for Acne at a Sydney Beauty and Laser Clinic. I purchased a voucher for the treatment on GroupOn. I followed all post treatment care instructions but my burns and pain were so bad I went to my GP who contacted the clinic to tell them they had burnt me.

She also referred me to a specialist dermatologist for treatment of my burns. The clinic has asked me to return there to assess my skin again but I do not want to do so without legal advice.

Can I seek compensation for the burns and the cost of treatment to fix them?


Brydens Lawyers’ answer:

If negligence can be established on the part of the operator who perform the laser treatment then a claim is available for compensation for the injuries sustained. In order to pursue such a claim expert evidence would be required to establish the negligence on the part of the operator in that they had failed in their duty of care by either applying the treatment incorrectly or alternatively applying incorrect treatment.

You do not need to return to the clinic to reassess your skin. In fact, our recommendation would be that you engage an alternate treatment provider as you have done. Strict time limits apply with respect to the making of these claims.

In order to determine whether a claim is available we would invite you to contact Brydens Lawyers to speak with one of our experts.

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