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Question of the Week – Contesting A Will

Matthew asks:

I am one of four children. My father died in 2011. He had one sister and both of their parents deceased in 2014. Due to my father pre-deceasing his parents, his sister inherited his share of my grandparents estate and we have been told that we are not entitled to anything from the NSW Trustee and Guardian. Is this the case?

Brydens Lawyers’ answer: 

As a child of the deceased you are entitled to a copy of the Will and a request for same should be made of the NSW Trustee & Guardian. This is for the purpose of determining the manner in which your father’s estate was to be distributed. As a child you are also entitled to make a claim on the estate. Given the length of time that has passed it is imperative that this matter be investigated without delay. Brydens Lawyers has a specialised Wills and Estates division available to assist. To pursue the matter we would invite you to contact Brydens Lawyers to speak with one of our experts to determine whether you have a claim and whether you wish to pursue same.

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