Criminal Law- When should you consult a lawyer?

If you have been charged or arrested with a criminal offence, having a criminal lawyer represent you can assist in either reducing any charges against you, having them dismissed or reducing the sentence you receive.

As criminal procedures could be quite challenging and complex, you should consult a criminal lawyer as early as possible after you are charged, arrested or even contacted by Police. This will be beneficial for you as a criminal lawyer can:

  • Assess the entire situation and case and advise you on how to proceed
  • Reduce your risk of being falsely or incorrectly charged
  • Identify weaknesses in the police or prosecutions’ case
  • Save you costs and time by properly preparing and presenting applications in respect to your charge

Consulting a criminal lawyer as early as possible will not only provide you with expert knowledge to guide you through the complexities of the law, but will also reduce worry and stress associated with any criminal matter. The engagement of an expert criminal lawyer will provide you with the knowledge that your rights are being protected in your endeavours to receive the most favourable outcome. 

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