What role does a Conveyancer play in the process of purchasing a property?

A Conveyancer is a duly qualified professional who will act on behalf of a Vendor or Purchaser to sell or buy a property.

The role of the Conveyancer is to assist the Vendor and the Purchaser in the conveyancing process. As to the Vendor, the Conveyancer will firstly prepare the Contract for Sale and submit same to the Agent who has been retained to enable them to show the property. Attached to the Contract will be a copy of all necessary searches which will include, but not limited to:

  • Title documents

  • Council zoning regulations

  • Water and sewerage diagram

    As to the Purchaser, the Conveyancer retained will initially review the Contract for Sale to ensure that it includes all the relevant searches necessary to enable the Conveyancer to advise the Purchaser with respect to the property. If additional searches are required then same will be commissioned by the Conveyancer and the results of same made known to the Purchaser so that the Purchaser is fully and properly appraised as to all and any relevant matters concerning the property. This would be especially important if the property was being purchased for a particular purpose. The conveyancer will also liaise, to the extent necessary, with any financier to ensure that they have sufficient information and documentation that they may require to ensure the conveyance proceeds as smoothly as possible.

    Ms Celeste Revell, Licensed Conveyancer, heads the Conveyancing Division for Brydens Lawyers. Ms Revell has over 28 years of experience in conveyancing and is expertly qualified to assist all Vendors and Purchasers in relation to their conveyancing needs.

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