Brydens Lawyers are the experts in employment law. This encompasses a wide range of legal services relating to all aspects of employment which focuses on the relationship between employee and employer.

Determining issues and disputes between employees and employers can be difficult and complex but need not be. Brydens Lawyers are the experts to assist in providing legal advice and representation for the purpose of resolving such disputes.

Brydens Lawyers are the experts in employment law covering:

  • Contracts of employment
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy claims
  • Workplace entitlements
  • Government and public sector issues

Brydens Lawyers understand that both employees and employers have rights and obligations to each other so as to fulfill contractual and statutory obligations when it comes to employment entitlements. For this reason it is important to get the best legal advice and representation when issues arise in the workplace. Knowing and understanding your rights is part of the solution and often expert legal advice and representation is required to assist in resolving any concerns that arise from any conflict in those rights and obligations.

The contractual relationship between an employee and employer is often governed by either Federal or State Awards, administrative regulations or judicial decisions. For this reason alone it is important that you be represented by experts in the field. That is Brydens Lawyers.

With Brydens Lawyers you can rest assured that with over 40 years of experience our dedicated and passionate team of legal experts will guide you through the process of ensuring your rights as an employee or employer are protected.

Brydens Lawyers are trained to listen with care and sensitivity and will work hard to achieve the best possible result and endeavour to avoid the pain and expense that can arise from lengthy court battles.

Brydens Lawyers are highly equipped to offer legal advice and representation in relation to the negotiation, conciliation or mediation of employment disputes so as to impact as little on your finances and professional reputation.

With a reputation second to none for outstanding professionalism, knowledge of the law and the highest level of client service at an affordable price Brydens Lawyers are the right choice for your employment and compensation law needs.

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