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At Brydens Lawyers, our dedicated Family Law Division has experts ready to guide you through your family law matter, offering comprehensive legal advice and representation, at a fair cost. We recognise the challenges you might be facing during this difficult time, and our team is committed to acting promptly on your instructions, ensuring a seamless process with minimal stress and delay.

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"I couldn’t be happier with the Family law team at Bryden Lawyers. I dealt with Natalie and Amanda who were both professional and knowledgeable in my case which ran for 2 years. Overall, I was impressed with the way they guided me in that time, and I felt I could make accurate decisions clearly on their advice. This helped achieve a good outcome to the case and in the end, I considered the cost to be very reasonable for the amount of time that was spent on the matter"

Brenden, a client of our Family Law division.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a family lawyer help me with child support?

When it comes to complex family law matters such as child support, a family lawyer can help you navigate the legal process. We can offer tailored advice in applying for or being assessed for child support payments, providing further guidance when financial circumstances change. Additionally, family lawyers may review and formalise private child support agreements, helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your family.

How can a family lawyer help me with divorce & separation?

Retaining a family lawyer during separation and/or divorce ensures your interests are protected. The solicitor can ensure that applications for divorce are drafted correctly, all necessary documentation is provided to the Family Law court, and expedite Divorce Orders when appropriate. When children are involved, family lawyers ensure that proper parenting arrangements are in place to secure the child’s welfare and development.

How can a family lawyer help me with domestic violence?

A family lawyer can provide invaluable advice on how to best navigate a domestic violence situation in accordance with Australian family law. The solicitor can offer specialist guidance to help you obtain the necessary orders and assist with their implementation. Family lawyers can also assist you in the preparation of apprehended domestic violence orders (AVOs), while providing representation in Local, District, and Family Courts as required.

How can a family lawyer help me with parenting and family matters?

Family lawyers can play an important role in resolving disagreements over child care and maintenance. Family lawyers will advise on proposed child custody orders and their potential implications. They can also represent you in initiating proceedings, defining living arrangements, and deciding whether equally shared parental responsibility is appropriate.

How is child support assessed?

The assessment of any child support payable is based on each parent’s income, combined income, the number of children, and their living arrangements. This assessment is managed by the Department of Human Services and updated regularly when one or both parents’ circumstances change, such as income changes or changes in parenting arrangements.

Are de facto relationships covered under family law?

Yes, de facto relationships are recognised under Australian family law in accordance with the Family Law Act 1975 which outlines certain criteria for its determination. This recognition allows parties to a de facto relationship to enjoy the same entitlements as married couples regarding property settlements and parenting matters. Whether you are seeking custody of a child, property division, or financial support after the de facto relationship ends, the law offers comprehensive provisions to safeguard your rights and interests.

When should I make an application to the court for my family dispute?

You should consider making an application to the Federal Circuit Court for your family law dispute when other alternative dispute resolution services, such as mediation or conciliation, have been exhausted. It is always advisable to explore opportunities for alternative dispute resolution before and during proceedings, where it is appropriate to do so.

What happens at a family law court hearing?

During a court hearing, strict procedures are followed depending on the nature of the case. Initially, both parties present their arguments, which may include providing evidence and witnesses to support their claims. The judge or magistrate presides over the proceedings, ensuring the law is followed in relation to its application to the evidence, and everyone is given a fair chance to have their case heard. It is also the judge’s role to question the parties, examine evidence, and ultimately make a decision based on the facts presented and the applicable law.

Why should I choose Brydens Lawyers for family law legal advice in Australia?

Brydens Lawyers are highly regarded experts in Australian family law, offering tailored advice and representation to achieve positive outcomes with minimal stress and delay. Our team navigates divorce, child custody, domestic violence, financial, and other family relationship matters, prioritising resolutions outside of court whenever possible and appropriate. Choose Brydens Lawyers for the highest quality service and the assurance of having an experienced and empathetic team by your side.

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