Question: What is Financial Abuse?”

Most of us would be familiar with the terms “physical abuse”, “verbal abuse” or “emotional or psychological abuse”. Often these are terms that are used, regrettably, in the course of criminal and in some cases, family law proceedings.

A term with which we may not be particularly familiar is “financial abuse”.

Financial abuse is recognised as an act of violence within the confines of a family or relationship and can occur more frequently than what we think. It can be as serious and debilitating as physical, verbal and/or psychological abuse.

Financial abuse occurs when one member of a family or relationship denies another member of that relationship any semblance of financial autonomy so that he or she would unreasonably withhold financial support that was required to meet the reasonable living expenses of the family member, of a child or another member of the family that was entirely or predominantly dependent on that person for financial support.

Whether the abuse be financial, physical, verbal or psychological, it is well recognised by the law and there are avenues of redress. If you have been the victim of any such abuse within the confines of a family or other relationship, then you need expert legal advice and representation that can be provided by Brydens Lawyers. Brydens Lawyers has accredited specialists available in both Family and Criminal Law to assist with dealing with any type of abuse that you or someone that you know has been subjected to. Should you require assistance in this regard then etc.