In conjunction with Variety – The Children’s Charity, Brydens Lawyers has implemented an information and education program for parents and carers of children facing chronic illness, disability or special needs.

The presentation is focused upon succession planning, that is putting into place arrangements so as to ensure the continuing care, maintenance and education of the child after the parents or carers have passed. It is a particularly delicate subject, often considered
but rarely spoken of.

The seminar provides an opportunity for parents and carers of children facing such challenges to interact with professional staff to consider the best way of structuring their affairs so as to ensure that the continuing needs of their children are met. This includes discussions as to preparation of a Will, appointment of Financial Managers or Guardians,
creation of Testamentary Trusts and the like.

All of us believe that we have challenges in our lives that have to be met and dealt with. However, the challenges that face the parents and carers of children with special needs put all of our problems into perspective. Through our association with Variety we have developed a genuine admiration for the work that it undertakes throughout the broader community and now, that admiration extends to the parents and carers whom we have met through this program.

If you are involved with any organisation which provides for children with chronic illness, disability or any special need, then all of us at Brydens Lawyers would be more than happy to address the parents and carers of these children as to what can be done to assist in the long-term with the continuing care, maintenance and education of the child. Should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact us here at Brydens Lawyers or Variety – The Children’s Charity directly.

Thank you