I act on behalf of Keith Holmes in relation to a claim for injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident. Regrettably for Keith his claim is governed by the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017. As many of you would be aware from previous posts this legislation was imposed upon motorists of New South Wales for the sole purpose of enhancing the profits of CTP insurers.

Keith has been battling with the NRMA for reimbursement of dental expenses which arose as a result of Keith’s unfortunate involvement in his accident. With Keith’s permission allow me to share with you Keith’s recent email to an NRMA claims officer in response to his decision to refuse reimbursement of dental treatment expenses.

“(Claims officer)

The tooth had to be removed as a result of the impact of accident which even knocked tooth fillings out of my mouth & I am still suffering a number of issues (due) to vehicle impact:

  1. Loss of short term memory not improving at all.
  2. Loss of movement in my left (shoulder) & continued pain.
  3. Back pain & issues.
  4. Some days not even able to focus on the simplest of activities e.g. finding my house keys.
  5. Mental disturbance & loss of concentration with no memory unable to focus.
  6. Unable to masticate food correctly because of the missing upper right side molar tooth.

I pay insurance. So send back the 10 or 20 years of Greenslip I have paid you NRMA Greenslip please including interest, your insurance is NOT insurance its bleeding people drive to point of wishing commit suicide from corruption in your insurance system. How could any person with any degree of morals work for a company like this? Please explain?

If the need to replace the rear molar is not a result of the impact of the vehicle accident that killed the nerves for which you have admitted liability! tell me 100% correctly what it is? why I don’t ever again need to masticate food properly today is the NRMA greenslip belief???”

I could not have put it any better myself.