The first social media defamation case to take place in Australia was back in 2014, which resulted in a teacher being awarded $105,000 in damages due to a former student making defamatory statements via his Twitter and Facebook accounts!

Due to the rise of social media and technology in recent years, we are increasingly hearing about similar situations online where an individual has spread damaging information about another person, or even a company in some instances. Whilst social media has provided a platform for users to share their thoughts and experiences, it is imperative to bear in mind that defamation under Australian law extends to the online realm- providing that individuals making statements online are just as liable if the statements can be proven to be defamatory.

DID YOU KNOW… Even if an individual did not create the content themselves, but they simply share it to their page (e.g resharing a Facebook post, retweeting a tweet on Twitter)- they have the potential to be liable for defamation too!

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