I am purchasing a business, do I need a lawyer?

Purchasing a business can be a complex transaction but it need not be. There are many matters that need to be considered fully when purchasing a business and we therefore recommend that you engage one of our expert commercial lawyers at the earliest possible stage. a Commercial Lawyer can streamline the process by assisting with:

  1. Reviewing and negotiating the contract;

  2. Reviewing and negotiating the lease;

  3. Employment issues;

  4. Conducting due diligence on the vendor to ensure you are getting ownership of what you paid for;

  5. Business structure.

Each of the matters referred to above can have significant consequences for the purchaser of a business if due diligence has not been undertaken and all necessary searches performed. At Brydens Lawyers, our Commercial Law team can advise you on all aspects of your business purchase and assist you through the complex nature of the transaction. Contact Brydens Lawyers for expert legal advice and representation in relation to any commercial transaction. We can be contacted on 1800 848 848 or at www. brydens.com.au. At Brydens Lawyers-#WEDO commercial matters.