Do I need a Will if I have no assets?

A Will is a legal document which sets out the manner in which you would like your assets, to be
distributed following your death. The Will provides for the appointment of an Executor who will
administer the terms of the Will and oversee the distribution of the Estate. A Will can also provide
for the nomination of guardians of infant children and even the way you wish for your body to be

The question then arises, is a Will required if I have no assets? The short answer is no. If there are no
assets to be distributed, then a Will is not required. However, a Will is not a static instrument. That
is, it will remain in place as a valid legal document until your passing. Although you may have no
assets now which could be distributed, that may not always be the case. A Will, which is a relatively
simple document, can be put into place to provide for all and any assets that you may have as at
your death even though such assets do not exist when the Will is created.

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