How does a Immigration Lawyer or Registered Migration Agent assist in the Visa Application process?

An Immigration Lawyer or Registered Migration Agent can provide specialised and expert immigration advice and assistance to those applying for a visa.

Generally, an Immigration Lawyer or Migration Agent can assist by:

  • preparing your Visa application
  • advise which Visa best suits an individual’s circumstances and the most appropriate manner in which to apply for same
  • provide specialised advice as to the eligibility of the applicant
  • assist in the collation and preparation of supporting documentation and information
  • submit applications and monitor the progress of same
  • liaise with the Australian Government with respect to the application for the purpose of resolving any requisitions
  • represent you in any court in relation to any matter arising out of an application or issuing of a Visa.

    The application of a Visa can be a difficult and complex matter. It need not be. An expert Immigration Lawyer or Migration Agent can assist in the preparation and lodgement of a Visa application together with all the supporting documentation to ensure, as far as possible, the success of the application. An Immigration Lawyer Migration Agent can greatly assist in the application process to make it as easy for you as possible which will serve to save you time and, hopefully, money.

    At Brydens lawyers you are well served with expert Immigration Lawyers and a Registered Migration Agent. Mr Omar Khan together with Ms Lasa Sun, are our Immigration Lawyer and Registered Migration Agent that head up Brydens Lawyers’ Migration Division who can assist in relation to any application or Visa enquiry. For all your expert legal advice concerning any Visa matter contact Brydens Lawyers without delay on 1800 848 848 or at brydens.com.au. At Brydens Lawyers – #WE DO Visa matters.