For over 40 years Brydens Lawyers has established a reputation for providing expert legal advice and representation, with an outstanding knowledge of the law, professionalism and the highest level of client service at an affordable price.

Time after time, case after case, Brydens Lawyers have proven that when it comes to protecting the rights and interests of our clients that no stone is left unturned. Brydens Lawyers have a success rate in claims brought on behalf of our clients that is second to none.

Initially established in the South Western suburbs of Sydney, Brydens Lawyers quickly cemented a reputation as the go to law firm to provide help and guidance to ordinary Australians in their time of need. Since that time, Brydens Lawyers have become one of the largest and leading law firms in New South Wales, with offices throughout metropolitan Sydney and beyond. Brydens Lawyers have never wavered in their commitment to providing expert legal advice and representation and to help our clients when they need it the most, often during the most stressful periods of their lives.

Any organisation is only as good as its people and Brydens Lawyers have some of the best there are, from our lawyers, to the team that supports them, our people have one thing in common – we want the best outcome for the clients we work for and the community that we are in. Our people are trained to listen, sensitively and carefully. Our people will not pre-judge. Our people passionately care about the rights of others. People who like helping other people and people who want to win for you. We value our relationships with our clients and our team are passionate about seeing our clients through the milestones of their lives.

Lee Hagipantelis is the Principal of Brydens Lawyers. For over 25 years Lee has committed himself to the provision of the best possible legal advice and representation to his clients in their pursuit of justice, fair compensation and the right outcome. He is expertly assisted and supported by senior associates, solicitors, law clerks and paralegals all of whom are specialists in their respective fields and committed to provide the highest level of professional service at all times to all clients. Brydens Lawyers staff will work tirelessly to ensure that clients receive the outcome to which they are entitled.

Whether it be the pursuit of a compensation claim, to resolve marital, family or estate issues, assisting with a complicated commercial transaction or help with the purchase of property for your family or as an investment, Brydens Lawyers have and will always be there. No matter what type of case, no matter what type of problem, Brydens Lawyers are expertly positioned to help and provide the level of service that you expect and are entitled to.

Brydens Lawyers – protecting your future.

Brydens Lawyers Partnerships

Brydens Lawyers also has unique partnerships with a number of organisations that afford our clients many opportunities to access events and networks throughout Sydney and regional NSW.

These include:

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