Medical negligence claims are often regarded as the most difficult and complicated of all personal injury claims. However they need not be. For over 40 years Brydens Lawyers have been experts in the prosecution of medical negligence claims so as to ensure recovery of compensation to which their clients are entitled.


Who can claim?

If you suffer injury, loss or damage as a result of the negligent treatment provided by a doctor, dentist, hospital or other health care provider you may be entitled to claim for damages.

A poor outcome resulting from your treatment does not in itself establish an entitlement to claim. What needs to be proven is that your treatment was provided in a negligent manner and that the treatment provider breached their duty of care to you.


What can be claimed?

If you are eligible to make a negligence claim, benefits may include:

  • Non economic damages for pain and suffering.
  • Past and future medical treatment expenses.
  • Past and future wage loss resulting from the negligent treatment.
  • The value of gratuitous or commercial care required as a result of the negligent treatment.
  • Legal costs.


How do I claim?

The prosecution of a medical negligence claim can be a difficult and complicated process, but it need not be. Brydens Lawyers are experts in the prosecution of medical negligence claims to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled. Brydens Lawyers and staff are specialists in the prosecution of medical negligence claims and will be with you every step of the way in the pursuit of your entitlement to compensation.

If you are concerned about a medical situation and wish to recover advice with respect to a possible medical negligence claim then contact Brydens Lawyers today. Call free 1800 848 848

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