For over 40 years Brydens Lawyers has established a reputation second to none in the legal industry. As the state’s leading litigation law firm Brydens Lawyers has been able to provide expert legal advice and representation to hundreds of thousands of ordinary Australians in times of need.

Brydens Lawyers has successfully established its reputation in the prosecution of personal injury claims and by leveraging off the expertise developed Brydens Lawyers now provides legal services across a vast range of areas.

Brydens Lawyers now provides the same level of expert legal advice and representation in Family Law matters, Commercial matters, Conveyancing and Superannuation/TPD claims.

With such growth and expansion comes opportunity for highly qualified and motivated people to join Brydens Lawyers.

Brydens Lawyers are continuously interviewing and hiring solicitors of all post-admission experience, paralegals, law clerks and administration assistants.

If you are motivated to join a highly respected and successful law firm, resumes should be emailed directly to Ms Vicki Lang, General Manager at vickil@brvdens.com.au