At what point in my property buying journey should I contact the conveyancer?

For many of us, the purchase of a property will be the most significant investment that we ever make in our lives. For that reason, we must ensure that it is done properly.

The buying of a property can be a complicated and complex process, but it need not be. With expert legal advice and representation, the purchase of a property can be a relatively simple matter.

It is our recommendation that you engage an expert Conveyancer, such as the ones available to you at Brydens Lawyers, as early in your property buying journey as practicable. This usually occurs following the identification of a property that you wish to purchase. The Conveyancer is available to meet with you in conference to review the Contract of Sale to ensure that all is well with the proposed purchase.

There are several matters that the Conveyancer will be particularly interested in when reviewing a Contract of Sale. For example, the zoning of the property will need to be checked to ensure that it meets your requirements. For example, you may be considering the development of the property or using it for a commercial purpose. Additionally, the contract will be reviewed to ensure that there are no sewerage or easement problems of which you should be aware. Given all the rain that we have had recently, you would be very interested to know whether the property is in a flood zone. Enquiries will also be undertaken to ascertain whether there are any proposed developments by either Council, State or Federal Governments which may impact upon the property.

The Conveyancer will also arrange for any expert assessment of the property should that be necessary. This would include a Building Report as to the integrity of the structure of any improvements on the property and perhaps even a pest inspection report.

The process involved in buying a property can appear to be overwhelming. However, with the expert legal advice and representation provided by the Conveyancers at Brydens Lawyers, it will not be. For assistance with every step of the way on your property buying journey, contact Brydens Lawyers without delay on 1800 848 848 or at brydens.com.au.

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