We are all well aware of the fact that the pandemic has impacted the nation in an unprecedented fashion; however, what most may not be aware of is the direct impact that the constraints of lockdown and financial stress associated with these times has had upon instances of domestic violence. According to Legal Aid NSW, in the past four months the domestic violence unit have taken in more calls for assistance than they would usually throughout the duration of an entire year (1600 phone calls v 1000 annual average). In the last nine weeks alone, six individuals have lost their life due to domestic violence incidents in NSW.

Upon being made aware of this alarming statistic, the government has allocated $15.6 million by way of a Commonwealth funding package to enable Legal Aid NSW, the Aboriginal Legal Service, and community-based legal centres to better handle the influx in calls for help. This funding will be used to allow eligible legal practices to hire more staff to respond to enquiries, as well as improving their ability to assist from a technological perspective.

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