According to an article published by The Sydney Morning Herald on April 25th, urgent applications to the Family Court have seen an increase of almost forty percent since the introduction of COVID-19. There are a multitude of contributing factors as a result of these trying times- whether it be financial stress, the strain of isolation, or spending far more time at home than one would usually. Ultimately, the statistics are all indicating that these unprecedented pressures are having a severe impact on families- together or apart- right across the nation.

The Family Court of Australia issued a media statement outlining their response to this surge in enquiry, describing the development of a COVID-19 priority listing system to deal “exclusively with urgent parenting-related disputes that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic”. The Family Court of Australia have offered four key circumstances under which an application to this triaging system may be made: an increased risk of family violence, being unable to attend a supervision centre, border restrictions impacting upon parenting arrangements, or medical issues in regard to the contracting of COVID-19.

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