In a recent media release from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, an analysis was undertaken of the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and crime trends.  Specifically, it was the relationship between the pandemic and crime trends over a 6 week period following the implementation of restricting measures, that is between 15 March and 26 April 2020, that was considered.

Through an examination of a range of criminal offences (property, drug, violent, and justice-related crimes) and comparing these figures to the seasonally adjusted model that the Bureau had predicted, the following conclusions were drawn:

  • Sexual offences were 32% lower than expectations
  • Domestic violence related assaults were consistent with expectations
  • Amphetamine possession incidents were 30% higher than expectations
  • Property offences were lower than expected (e.g residential break ins 29% lower, vehicle theft 24% lower)
  • Breaches of Apprehended Violence Orders remained consistent with expectations
  • Robberies were 42% lower than expectations

Whilst these figures do not cover the entire duration of the pandemic, it is interesting to note how the measures implemented in response to the pandemic have had an impact upon NSW crime rates. One can only hope that the decrease in some crimes remains a permanent fixture and that we do not see any upturn in the statistics upon the easing of restrictions.

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Source: https://www.bocsar.nsw.gov.au/Publications/BB/2020-Report-COVID-19-Pandemic-and-crime-trends-in-NSW-BB147.pdf