Brydens Lawyers has an affiliation with a number of NRL and Canterbury Cup teams. These partnerships afford us an opportunity to interact with some of the finest young men that we have had the pleasure of knowing.

However, like all young men, rugby league players are not immune from challenges and opportunities that present themselves, but given their high profile within the broader community, there are challenges and opportunities which are peculiar to their circumstances.

On occasion, a young rugby league player like all young men, can make a mistake.

In recognition of our special relationship with these NRL and Canterbury Cup teams Brydens Lawyers has implemented an information and education seminar we present to the players for the purpose of educating them about the criminal justice system in NSW. The seminar deals specifically with those areas that would be of most relevance to these young men. They include:

  • Drug and alcohol offences
  • Traffic offences
  • Sexual assault offences
  • Recording and/or disseminating private material without consent.

The seminars have been well received. Many of the young men have a fair idea as to what is and is not legal under the criminal justice system. Many however found it particularly illuminating and educational, informing them as to the legality or illegality of conduct which might otherwise be
thought to be fairly common place.

Of particular concern was the recording and dissemination of material which would be considered private. Such incidences were of course highly publicised during the recent off-season where many NRL players were caught up in a “sex-tape” scandal which saw a number of players find
themselves in hot water for having sent material without the consent of those involved. The law which pertains to the dissemination of such material is clear. If the consent of the person seen in the video is not obtained then the dissemination of the video by the person making the video, or any other person, would be a criminal offence.

Brydens Lawyers has a specialised Criminal Law Division headed by Mr Avinash Singh. If you or anyone you know has or is likely to be charged with an offence then expert legal representation is necessary to ensure that you are properly advised and represented in any criminal proceedings.
Should you require advice and/or representation in any criminal matter, contact Brydens Lawyers.

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