What are the associated costs with a workers compensation claim?

There are no legal costs charged to a client in a statutory workers compensation matter. In New South Wales the legal costs are paid completely by the Independent Review Office (IRO).

In order for IRO to provide a grant of legal funding for a matter, IRO must be satisfied that the matter has some prospect of succeeding in a claim for statutory entitlements or the challenging of a decision by the insurance company concerning benefits payable to an injured worker.

In New South Wales the lawyer must be approved by IRO as an Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS) lawyer in order to qualify for funding. Brydens Lawyers are ILARS approved lawyers.

In the event that the injured worker has available a claim as against a third party or a work injury damages claim against the employer, that is claims based in negligence, then the ordinary principles apply and the injured worker will pay for their legal costs in connection with their representation in these matters but again only if the claim is successful. Brydens Lawyers operates on a no-win-no fee basis. That is, if the claim is not successful then Brydens Lawyers will not raise an invoice for having acted in such a matter.

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