I have been injured in a motor vehicle accident- how can a solicitor help me?

Traffic Law can be very complex with different laws, regulations, time limits and discretionary decisions all coming together in one area of the law. This means that for any particular matter there may be many different approaches available, in a legal sense, to deal with the problem.

For that reason it is important to understand what the specific needs of the individual charged with the traffic offence are. For example, does the individual need their licence back (if suspended immediately) for work, family or other purposes? Alternatively, can the individual manage a short-term suspension but is looking to limit any financial penalty that they might suffer?

There can be serious consequences at law if the incorrect approach is taken. This is why it is imperative to seek expert legal advice as early as possible so as to understand the consequences of the traffic offence and the different ways in which the solicitor can assist.

An experienced solicitor practising in Traffic Law is able to provide clear and concise advice about the particular situation that you may find yourself in, the options available to deal with that situation and to propose a course of action that will best address your particular needs.

A Traffic Law charge may not be seen as important or consequential as a Criminal Law charge and often people may think that the consequences are not as significant. This may be true in some cases but the majority of our clients have had serious concerns as to the impact that a loss of their licence would have on their livelihood.

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