Many superannuation funds provide for default Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance for its members. In order to determine whether the superannuation fund of which you are a member has TPD Insurance, an enquiry can be made of the superannuation fund manager directly or alternatively, a review can be undertaken of the annual superannuation statements that you would receive.

However, just because a superannuation fund confirms that there is TPD Insurance, it does not automatically mean that you are covered under that insurance and can make a claim.

To ensure that you are covered by any TPD Insurance you must firstly satisfy the specific eligibility requirements and exclusion clauses that would be contained in the fund’s TPD Insurance Policy. This will often depend upon your particular circumstances at the time the insurance policy was entered into by the fund. Usually factors such as whether your employer had made regular superannuation contributions or whether you are actively working, your age, any pre-existing conditions and such matters are considered.

To be able to make a TPD claim you also have to meet the definition of “Total and Permanent Disablement” as specifically provided for in the insurance policy. Such provisions are usually intended to cover persons who are unlikely ever to work again because of permanent restrictions caused by their injury or illness.

The amount of the TPD benefit that you may be entitled to will depend upon the date of disablement as opposed to the current value of the TPD Insurance. This also means that even if your superannuation fund informs you that you do not have TPD Insurance Cover today, the fact is that you may have had TPD Insurance as at the date of your disablement and you would still therefore be able to make a TPD claim.

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