Being dismissed from your employment is never a pleasant experience. It is even worse if you are dismissed unfairly.

A worker who has been dismissed unfairly has 21 days following the dismissal in which to lodge a claim with the Fair Work Commission.

The filing fee on the application is a nominal sum. Once the application for unfair dismissal has been lodged then the matter will be listed for a telephone conciliation conference. The former employer is required to attend and provide a response to the claim.

A telephone conciliation conference is an informal conference or discussion held with a representative of the former employer and a representative of the Fair Work Commission to ascertain whether some resolution of the application can be reached.

In the event that no settlement can be reached the matter is then listed for arbitration. Arbitration is a more formal process where the parties are represented in the Fair Work Commission. A representative of the Commission will hear the parties and then make a decision, firstly as to whether the dismissal was unfair and secondly, as to what outcome there should be.

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